Who We Are?

We are an investment group that focuses on real estate investing across Canada. Two of our sister companies Premium Home Buyers and Premium Ownership Capital is backed up by a power team with over 10 years’ worth of experience in all areas of Real Estate and have been actively working on lead conversions and structuring win-win solutions to all parties involved.

We understand that many established financial institutions would create great marketing strategies that even a 1% interest rate can look attractive. However, in Aslan Investing Co., we believe that you worked hard for your money, now it’s time that it works for you.

We work collaboratively with experienced and new investors to build their portfolio in real-estate and create opportunities in a controlled environment, unlike other investment vehicles where your fate relies on a fund manager or a stockbroker. Here at Aslan Investing Co., you finally have control. We educate, listen, and work with our joint venture partners which largely contributed to the growth of our network.

When you invest in stocks and or mutual funds, you don’t have control of what happens in the background, as simple as negative media or bad investment move can depreciate the value of your share which can affect you.

When it comes to real estate you have the ability to fully control a deal or be a passive investor. YOU have a choice. You can make calculated risk by making sure you do your due diligence when working with investment partners, contractors, tenants and anything that could go wrong can be part of the calculation at a cost of contingency. You can have control of the value and performance.


Our priorities are underpinned by our ambition to build a more performance-focused culture, aligned to our values and expectations.

No Banks • No Brokers • No Middleman Fees




AAA Location

AAA Investments 

100% Occupied

Great Cashflow


Eve Panaguiton

Eve was in the finance industry for 5 years doing investment management and anti-money laundering investigation. In her last year, she had assisted in testing and developing CRM software for one of the major custody banks in North America and that is now being used in Cayman Islands, Boston, New York, Ireland, Toronto, India, and Poland while managing 24 clients with over a billion-dollar portfolio that consisted of different entities with levels of ownership to comply by FINTRAC (Financial Transaction and Reports Analysis Center) regulations. Over the years of her career, she managed various investment vehicles such as mutual funds, segregated funds, hedge funds, and private equity. She also has a special skill in sales which helped her build her company today. With her successful completion of Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada Inc., (REMIC) certification she is also taking continuing education on income properties, lease options, property and tenant management, and infill and project management to expand the horizons of her business. With her skills of effective communication, renovation management, mortgage structure, strategic management, sales, and organizational and web structure design she has built an effective workflow and continues to do the same as the company grows. She loves to learn with people and at the same time, she values her religious beliefs and hopes to practice the same principles in her business.