Premium Ownership Capital


Premium Ownership Capital o/a PO Capital is our Rent-To-Own subsidiary for our parent company.
Essentially Rent-To-Own also known as a Lease Option is an agreement in which a tenant-buyer would rent a home for an agreed amount of time, with the option to buy before the lease expires.
They get to find the home that fits them whereby they don’t have to feel that homeownership is too far out of reach.


We identify what’s hindering their purchasing ability and help them fix that while they are living in their future home. At this point, we come into an agreement that we will purchase the home on their behalf where they will be paying rent up until a decided term where we can change the title on their name.


Rent-To-Own is a hybrid of fix and flip and income property because it allows investors to gain monthly income via rental and a lump sum at the end of the term. We take care of the tenant management, deal structure, and create creative ways of practicing other exit strategies in the event that the tenant buyers are unable to stay.
At the end of the term, the tenant buyers would purchase the home at the appreciated value. The difference in which the balance of the mortgage and the future purchase price becomes a lump sum for the investor to receive at the end of the term.


Mary and Joe have two kids and have only been in Canada for 7 months they are looking to purchase a home however they only have $60,000 to use a deposit with no credit available to get a loan from a bank. Mary and Joe have a household income of $200,000 annually.
They found a home that they like that cost $700,000 in Innisfil and would like to move in it instead of renting. After qualification from our broker, she advised that based on current information and after credit has been built, they would qualify for $900,000 in two years.