Eve Panaguiton

Eve Panaguiton was in the finance industry for 5 years doing investment management and anti-money laundering investigation. In her last year, she had assisted in testing and developing CRM software for one of the major custody banks in North America and that is now being used in Cayman Islands, Boston, New York, Ireland, Toronto, India, and Poland while managing 24 clients with over a billion-dollar portfolio that consisted of different entities with levels of ownership to comply by FINTRAC (Financial Transaction and Reports Analysis Center) regulations. Over the years of her career, she managed various investment vehicles such as mutual funds, segregated funds, hedge funds, and private equity. She also has a special skill in sales which helped her build her company today. With her successful completion of Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada Inc., (REMIC) certification she is also taking continuing education on income properties, lease options, property and tenant management, and infill and project management to expand the horizons of her business. With her skills in effective communication, renovation management, mortgage structure, strategic management, sales, and organizational and web structure design she has built an effective workflow and continues to do the same as the company grows. She loves to learn with people and at the same time, she values her religious beliefs and hopes to practice the same principles in her business.

Pouya Ghazavi

Pouya Ghazavi has been in Real Estate with Eve and Peggy since he could begin any other job in the field. That is all he knew and so far, the learning never ends. His passion for creative problem solving and networking has been an asset to him in helping us get to where we are in this business. Being Real Estate Investors, we have helped families prepare for generational wealth with our creative deal structure and solutions and we have seen and experienced firsthand how much it has changed people’s lives. Pouya manages investor relations and the financial aspect of our business. He knows every stride we make, there will be challenges, but there is nothing that we cannot manage together. We are truly blessed to have faith, our families, and our entire team to be with us on this journey. The same values within our business and how we treat others are how we will always treat our investors. Here at Aslan, we are here to take your investments to new heights.

Peggy Chau

Peggy Chau has over 20 years of experience working in the financial industry. With a strong understanding of real estate lending, she is dedicated to offering clients comprehensive solutions to meet their unique needs. Her tenure in the industry has developed a vast network of professionals to provide guidance and assistance in every step of your mortgage transaction. Previously, she spent time in the retail branch network coaching talents, providing creative financial planning to her customers, and ensuring excellent customer delivery every time. Competencies: Results Focus, Building Strategic Relationships, Problem Solving, Self-Awareness, and Development.

Gerry J. Hogenhout

Gerry cut his teeth in the tax department at Deloitte and Touche Chartered Accountants before entering the investment world and eventually becoming the only Canadian to be licensed in all five of the different and separate regulated investment marketplaces (stocks/bonds, mutual funds, private equity, mortgages and insurance) while also holding a Chartered Professional Accountant designation. During his investment career, Gerry has become a prominent real estate investor while creating many of the real estate investment structures offered within Canadian Investment Services. With this unique investment background, as well as a desire to ensure investment clients have their best interests properly served, Gerry became the founding principle of Canadian Investment Services.

Lisa La

Lisa is a creative consultant that specializes in hospitality and residential’s design, construction, and logistics. She performs multi-faceted professions from designing space to managing construction and project execution. She has a history of working in several industries from interior design, architecture, engineering, and building permits. Her expertise is pronounced in creative and technical solutions to result in functional spaces, enhance the occupants’ quality of life and culture, and are aesthetically stunning. Being an investor herself, she understands the business and how to instill beauty with logistics to contrive an inventive project, that isn’t your cookie-cutter template, but one-of-a-kind.

David Le

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” – Jim Rohn

David Jonathan Le is a practicing Medical Radiation Technologist in the healthcare industry where he actively enjoys being on the frontline and caring for his patients. Understanding the importance of physical and mental health as a duality for one’s overall well-being, he aspires to work on himself by searching for a solution to help those in need. Through continuous learning and experiences, David is an avid real estate investor and he took a keen interest in constructing creative solutions to acquiring properties in Ontario. He strongly believes that the Rent-to-Own program is a catalyst to assist people looking to acquire their own homes but is burdened with financial obstacles. As a Rent-to-Own Specialist, David’s main objective is to assist his clients in obtaining ownership of their dream home while residing in their property through specialized Lease Option Programs specifically designed for them. David is a member of Aslan Investing Company because his values align with Aslan’s Mission Statement of assisting clients of all backgrounds one person at a time.

Jesenia Fondeur Cruz

Jesenia has served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 11 years. She started off as an armored reconnaissance soldier for 6 years, when she decided to expand her knowledge and become a Financial Services Administrator. After approximately 2 years of being in a financial position, she returned to base to gain a Human Resources Administrator qualification. She obtained a position in 2021 in 32 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters as a Human Resources Administrator where she handles payroll, provides pension informational services, health, and dental informational services, and CAF policy/procedure. She has also been selected for the non-public fund’s board to budget monthly/annually allocated funds to the brigade headquarters personnel. She was also a bookkeeper for First Class Concrete where she was educated on budget, demolition, floor leveling, dry pack, and scratch coat. As a real estate investor, Jesenia is knowledgeable and continues to seek every available educational opportunity. Her learning never ends.

Hanif Brown

Hanif Brown is a graduate from St. Thomas University who majored in Economics with a minor in Spanish, Environment, and Society, and Italian. He is the former CEO of Bee Spellers Coaching program in Jamaica where he helped over 100 students aged 6-12 improve their literacy level and is a scholarship donor to Airy Castle Primary School in Jamaica. He educates others about cryptocurrency and shows businesses how they can accept it as a method of payment. His mindset is to add value to society and help others to build wealth for the long haul. Hanif’s mindset is building multiple streams of income to be able to give back more to society.